Petra Elliott

The Marry Happy Project

The Marry Happy Project

This week I released a film clip for a parody song in support of Marriage Equality in Australia. It received over 10,000 views in just 2 days!

The #MarryHappy film clip is part of a larger project, encouraging everyday Australians to show their support for Marriage Equality by filming their own version of the film clip, and posting it to social media, or sending us the footage to edit into a communal film clip for the song.

There are many Australians who support marriage equality, and we won’t to give them an opportunity for their voice to be heard.

Visit for details. For updates on how to be a part of marry happy, sign up to the mailing list on the website, or simply follow us on Facebook (The Marry Happy Project) or on Twitter (@MarryHappyAU). Cloud crop #MarryHappy